We have extensive experience in programming and servicing automation systems based on programmable industrial PLCs, industrial computers and HMI panels.

We specialize in systems of leading companies such as

  • Siemens
  • Allan Bradley
  • Mitsubishi
  • Omron
  • Schneider
  • Pilz

We have extensive know-how in industrial PLCs and software in LAD, STL and GRAPH and other languages.

The PLC programs developed by us are written with consideration:

  • process visualisation applications (HMI, SCADA)
  • error and alarm diagnostics
  • reporting on production results.

We use company controllers in our applications: Simens, Allen-Bradley, Beckhoff, National Instruments, Omron, B&B.
We program monitors and HMI operator panels, both keyboard and touch panels, in text and graphic form. We install panels only from proven manufacturers such as: Simens, ProFace, Beckhoff or Omron. 
We make applications in such systems as Siemens WinCC, Wonderware Intouche, Copadata Zenon, Proface, Promotic.

We prepare visualizations based on proven systems with measurable advantages:

  • Full functionality via WWW, online preview and control (control from anywhere on earth, possibility to run applications on a mobile phone)
  • Alarm system (e-mail or SMS notifications)
  • Redundancy (different solutions – depending on the needs, redundancy may include a database server, a web server or individual system elements)
  • Data archiving in SQL database (allows for an extensive analysis system and data security)
  • Multilingual applications (smooth change of language versions of the whole system)
  • Reports directly on visualisation and in various formats: xls, rtf, html, csv, xml
  • Charts and trends (possibility to observe processes online or review historical data)
  • Extensive application access control (IP address filtering, encrypted connections, different access levels for different users)
  • Openness of the system, possibility to collect data directly from devices
  • Advanced graphic interface


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