We design and manufacture industrial machines and equipment for assembly, control or transport. We make machines according to customer specifications, taking full responsibility for each phase of the project, up to the installation at the customer site, which provides us with high quality services and the possibility of quick service.

We help customers who need a machine for the technological process, but do not know exactly how to start – we carry out an analysis of the problem, we work on together with the customer to prepare a concept, and then build the machine that meets all the customer requirments. 

The machines and working stations are made in accordance with the requirements of the European Directives, which apply to a given product.  These requirements are implemented already at the design stage. Machines are subject to internal conformity assessment, which results in marking the machine with the CE mark and providing the EC Declaration of Conformity. We ensure that full technical documentation is provided.

Our range of machinery and equipment includes:

  • development of the machine concept
  • Machinery design:
    – mechanical (construction),
    – electrical system, control system design,
    – pneumatic system design,
    – hydraulics system design,
  • building a machine,
  • developing control software,
  • PLC Software,
  • Machine commissioning,
    • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
    • Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
    • installation of the machine at the customer site,
    • setting up the machine,
    • operation and maintenance training,
    • production assistance,
    • developing operating and servicing instruction manuals.

We specialize in the construction of assembly machines, work stations, both automatic and semi-automatic, as well as manual working stations. Manual or automatic assembly operation includes: twisting, riveting, pressing, welding and others.

Assembly machines supplied by INVELOGIC are very often equipped with control and measurement systems selected for a given product. The control system provides verification of the components to prevent any omission at the assembly stage. System monitors the use of the correct components for assembly. We have experience in integrating control and measurement systems such as vision control systems and force sensors.

The machines and working stations are used in the metal industry, electronics industry and automotive industry.


Thanks to our extensive knowledge of many technical fields, we equip our customers’ workstations and production lines with controllers, whose task is to monitor correct process parameters.

When building test and control stations we use measurement techniques based on customer’s guidelines and propose solutions tested in practice. 


Examples of measurement values controlled on our machines are:

  • pressure measurement,
  • leakage measurement,
  • temperature measurement,
  • measuring displacement,
  • measuring the resistance,
  • measuring circuit continuity,
  • measuring the strength.

We offer manufacturing and assembly of conveyors allowing for transport of various types of products with different parameters. We carry out orders tailored to individual needs of our clients, offering simple systems of close transport (including single conveyors), as well as more complex ones, applicable in various working conditions.

Among the most frequently manufactured transporters we can include:

  • belt conveyors
  • roller conveyors
  • bucket conveyors
  • modular conveyors.
transport materiałów

Fast and efficient loading/unloading of components in the production process contributes to increased production efficiency. As a company specializing in the field of automation, we strive to meet this requirement by offering our customers automated systems for the loading and unloading of materials (pick&place). 

In our projects we use appropriately adapted manipulators and vision systems, integrated with transport systems. For this type of systems we also offer the use of industrial robots, whose integration we carry out in the most optimal way.


Printing and labelling systems are used for the application of labels on various surfaces such as cartons, bottles, containers etc.

We have experience in implementing labeling systems on production lines and we use practical solutions to adapt labeling equipment to specific working conditions.  
We offer to make label applicators in different positions on the product: from the top, from the side or around the product. 


The traceability systems concern the traceability of the product and focus on tracing its movements and origin. 

We manufacture and implement traceability systems based on RFID readers or barcodes (one-dimensional or two-dimensional, e.g. QR codes) printed by laser or ink-jet.
Our offer is directed to the manufacturing industry, where there is a large variety of products and where it is highly desirable to avoid losses and production errors.



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